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An excellent software font engine. Actually Anti-Grain Geometry renderer is based on the ideas of the Anti-Aliased glyph rendering. David Turner and his group, the authors of FreeType, provided me invaluable help and support.
Anatoly Kuznetsov (TLK). He is my colleague who started working on Anti-Grain Geometry with me long ago and made a great contribution writing Xtras for Macromedia Director. Because of him I still have enthusiasm for the research.
SourceForge.net. A great place for any open source developer. It really is a Forge of Source Code.
Vector Graphics Foundry at SourceForge.
C++ BOOST. A group of the most experienced in C++ people I've ever seen. If you don't feel comfortable enough with C++ Standard Template Library you'd better keep out :).
Scalable Vector Graphics standard proposed by W3C committee. Particulary it's dedicated to Web Development.
Paul Bourke. A brilliant scientist from Australia. His works and his collection of algorithms and methods, particulary in Graphics, is a must to study.
GPCGeneral Polygon Clipper by Alan Murta. This is the most reliable implemantation of the Boolean Operations on polygons. Free for non-commercial use.
Quasimondo - Mario Kingellmann's Flash Blog. Very interesting ideas and demo examples.
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