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The Mailing List

You can subscribe to the mailing list at SourceForge.net where I publish news from time to time and where very nice people are discussing AGG issues. They are giving me a lot of recommendations and new ideas:

http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/vector-agg-general (I promise you will not receive any SPAM messages).

Here are the archives:


Also, there is a newsgoup at GMANE server (http://www.gmane.org):

There is automatic cross-posting between the AGG mail list at SourceForge.net and gmane.comp.graphics.agg news group. However, many people use only SourceForge.net subscription. SourceForge.net requires explicit subscription to be able to post messages, otherwise I have to approve every message from an unknown poster. It's not a big deal for me, but makes it inconvenient for you, because I may be simply unavailable to approve messages quickly. It also means that before my approval only Gmane users can see the message. The others will have to wait for the approval.

So that, even if you use only Gmane, I would recommend you to subscribe to the SourceForge.net mail list here:

You can continue using the Gmane group if you wish, and you can also configure the SourceForge.net subscription that it won't deliver any messages to you. It also safe and protected from SPAM spiders.

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