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AGG Sponsors

Liberty Technology Systems, Inc. provides PostScript and PDF interpretation technology with the use of their CentraDoc product found at

Liberty Technology Systems has sponsored the development of high capacity RGB and RGBA color spaces. From now on you can use 16 bit per component colors, such as RGB48, and RGBA64. The high capacity colors are supported in all available algorithms.

The second sponsorship from Liberty Technology Systems is adaptation AGG to work with 32 bit screen coordinates. Initially there were some optimizations in the rasterizer that relied on 16 bit screen coordinates (mostly sorting of the array of cells), and I didn't expect that anyone would need a screen buffer of more than 32767x32767 pixels. That was an incorrect assumption. :-)
EPSITEC has sponsored general development of Anti-Grain Geometry. Their new product, Cresus Documents http://www.epsitec.ch/cresus/documents/base-f.php is based on AGG engine and written using the .Net platform.
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